Two Tarts!

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Bridget and Janet at the Two Tarts

More Things About Portland, PLA, and the Last Few Days

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1. Publishers seem desperate to find the next “vampire.” At various events, publishers swore the that one of the following is going to be the next vampire phenomenon: angels (fallen and non-fallen), ninjas, and dystopias.

2. Things seen during conference sessions: a librarian talking on her cell phone; a librarian with her baby (what set of circumstances led her to bring that baby to PLA? I felt like I was back at work in the children’s department when the baby starting crying, which in turn almost made me start crying); a librarian (Nancy Purl, see earlier post) knitting–her pink sweater was really coming along by Friday

3. Thank you, Albert Whitman, for The Boxcar Children, and for dinner on Thursday. Your new books look good!

4. I gave my presentation on Friday. I think our group did well. I hope we spread Scratch to lots more libraries! The presentation is online somewhere and when I figure out where it is, I’ll post it.

5. Bridget and Barrett took me to see the Beverly Cleary Sculpture Garden!

6. Rumor has it that the Multnomah County Library in downtown Portland has a problem with fake therapy animals. For instance, someone tried to bring in a “therapy squirrel.” Now, I’ll be the first to advocate for therapy animals, but that’s taking it a little too far…

7. On Saturday we had a wonderful dinner with famous authors Laini Taylor and Suzanne Young.

8. The presenters served wine at one session…silly me, I got there too late to get a glass! Now, why didn’t we think of that for our presentation?

9. We went to the Two Tarts bakery! I have never been so full from cookies in my life. YUM!

10. In one 20-hour period, I cleaned up both cat puke and dog puke.


Ten Things I Saw Today

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1. Nancy Pearl

2. A librarian knitting (Nancy Purl?)

3. A dirt bike gang

4. A woman carrying a rat on her shoulders

5. A dog on the light rail (with its owner)

6. A long line in front of Voodoo Doughnut

7. A bacon doughnut

8. A panic-attack inducing amount of books at Powell’s

9. A crazy giant pink awning on a store selling funky Asian stuff, but I can’t remember the store’s name. Anybody know what it is?

10. A giant dish of cassoulet


It’s too late to turn back, here we go…

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Greetings from Portland! It’s warm and sunny and beautiful here! Wow! And best of all, I got to see Bridget and Barrett today! I’m in town for PLA. Tomorrow I’ll go over to the convention center for some serious librarian action. Button up your L.L. Bean jackets, I’m planning on going to see Nancy Pearl in the morning. And I can’t wait to go to the Tarts bakery with Bridget!

I rode the light rail out from the airport. This is something I did not see:


ALA Mode

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I spent much of this weekend at ALA in downtown Chicago. I had a great time and saw lots of wonderful people, but I’m still tired out! However, I will ignore my fatigue and tell you some ALA dirt while it’s still fresh in my mind. In keeping with the nature of this blog, I’ll stick to the gossippy side of things.

Janet’s Top Five Observations of ALA

1. One librarian picking her nose and eating it during a session

2. One librarian reading a Kindle

3. Two librarians knitting

4. Librarians who need more exercise. [Note: I include myself in this group right now, due to my exercise-inhibiting knee problems.] Please, just because you like to read doesn’t mean that you can’t exercise! Come on, you can listen to audiobooks while you exercise. I’ve even been known to read magazines at the gym! Please! Think of your health! When I run ALA, which of course will be sometime after my knee gets better, I will impose a manditory exercise session every morning. It’ll give everyone a little more energy to wander around the conference hall…

5. Simon and Schuster drinking game. I sat behind the Simon and Schuster table at the Newbery-Caldecott-Wilder banquet. First I noticed they had A LOT of wine bottles at their tables. Then I noticed that they all seemed to be drinking at the same time. Here’s what I worked out. During Beth Krommes’s speech for Caldecott winner The House in the Night, they took a drink every time Krommes said ”house” or “night.” During Neil Gaiman’s and Ashley Bryant’s speeches, they took a drink every time the speaker said “magic” or “imagination.” This went on for at least two hours. You gotta admire their stamina!