Twilight Opening Night

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I have to admit, I’m getting really excited for the movie. I agree with Janet and Michele in the comments that the actor playing Edward is not my Edward, but he is hot in his own way. I like to think of movies based on books as actually being OTHER stories with OTHER characters that just happen to be similar to a book that I like. This works some of the time, although a few of the HP actors have wiggled there way into my brain. Not Harry, Hermione, or Ron, but some of the teachers and adults like Malfoy’s dad. That guy does such a great job! So sinister.

I totally hope people dress up for the movie — that is really the only reason to go opening night. I’m actually secretly an opening night/enjoying the people in costumes junkie. The costumes range from super creative to completely awful, the energy is always high, you overhear the best conversations (and learn new words, I didn’t know what LARPing was until Star Wars or The Matrix, I can’t remember now), and people clap in the theatre over pretty much anything. Oh, look there’s some actor who was in a different movie that we all liked, clap clap clap, eek, yoda has made an appearance, clap clap clap, the beginning credits, woo hoo, clap clap clap. So fun. 

I don’t know if Twilight will be quite this exciting. What do you do to dress up like Twilight? Try and look more gorgeous and pale than usual? But I hold out hope.

And, yes, I will come to the 2009 Twilight Convention, Janet! How can I miss it? I bet TONS of people figure out how to dress up for that.



The Phenomenon

Posted in Twilight at 7:08 pm by Janet

Less than a week until the movie comes out! Twilight seems to be everywhere!

You can watch movie trailers and get more info on Stephenie Meyer’s website. Unlike Bridget, I don’t have my ticket yet. I’m debating a strategy. I really want to see the movie soon after, if not as soon as, it comes out, but I don’t want to deal with crowds. It’s playing at midnight Thursday at my local theater. Maybe the crowd will be fun. I’ll have to find out if I can even get tickets. I wonder if people will come dressed up. How would you even dress for such a thing?

I’m kind of nervous that the movie will ruin my mental image of the gorgeous vampires. The vampires are described as so perfect in the books. They don’t look that beautiful in the trailers. It’s really an impossible standard to live up to. Cedric Diggory, can you do it?

Apparently there were near riots when certain cast members made public appearances. You have to scroll down a bit to get to that part. On the way there’s other Twilight movie gossip, though.  http://www.perezhilton.com/category/twilight/

And, oh, I better get my ticket now for the 2009 Twilight Convention here in Chicago. Bridget, are you coming out here?

A final thought: remember when Bunnicula was the most famous vegetarian vampire?


Twilight Chocolate!

Posted in Twilight at 4:20 pm by Bridget

Twilight Chocolate! Did you try it, Janet???? That seems like just such a brilliant idea to me. V. clever marketing. I don’t know if I’d be able to resist it. Like those Dark Side M&M’s that were out for a while. I don’t even like M&M’s but those ones called to me. “Bridget, come eat me, you know you want to, we are full of dark chocolate-y goodness, come over to the dark side…” Kind of like that. Good thing there are no Barnes and Nobles in my neighborhood.

I hate to agree that maybe our good friend Steph didn’t get edited as much as maybe she needed to on Breaking Dawn, but it could be true. While I see a rise in people openly talking smack about books as they become popular, there also sometimes seems to be a lowering of editorial guidance as an author becomes successful. Maybe the authors turn into prima donnas (my dream, I must admit — “no, I only wash my hair with spring water, spring water, damn it! And bring me that $1000 pen*.”) or maybe the publishers feel like hey, things are going swell, let’s not mess with a good thing here.

I’m so glad to hear that the teens aren’t looking at Bella as a role model. I knew they were smarter than that. I did hear that girl finding an Edward, getting pregnant etc. story, but I thought it was probably a rumor. And/or she was just looking for a bad role model and this happened to be the most appealing.

I did lie about not having role models from books. I just remembered how much I wanted to be Fat Kid from Fat Kid Rules the World for a while and become a punk rock star. I thought it would be a good way to go to concerts without people sweating and spilling things on me. Also, he was just so cool. But I haven’t actually followed through on this so much and I think I’ve moved on.

In the vampire vs. werewolf as boyfriend debate, I would like to throw faerie kings and fallen angels into the running to expand a person’s paranormal options. I’m still a fan of vampires, but the fallen angel in Repossessed is so fabulous! Everyone who is above the age where cursing and a frank view of sex is shocking or inappropriate should read that book.

And I definitely want to hear about the moral message of Twilight because I tried really hard to ignore it and not to think about the author’s religious background at the time, but now that it’s all over and I’ve had my happy time reading it I think I can face it.

*Actually, there probably wouldn’t be a whole lot of cursing if I were in the position to be a prima donna. Or spring water for my hair. Or $1000 pens (what would I even do with one?). But you bet there’d be some EXCITING and DRAMATIC things. Like owning more than two pairs of pants**. Yes!

**Owning only two pairs of pants is not as crazy as it sounds. I just moved across the country and only so many things could come. All sub-par pants bit the dust. Unfortunately, that ended up being a lot of pants. I’m working on this.


Eclipsing Twilight?

Posted in Twilight at 6:26 pm by Janet

It’s been a lazy weekend. I did visit the local mall, where I stopped by the Starbucks at the Barnes and Noble. I decided not to buy the Twilight chocolate bar I saw there. Still, the chocolate got me thinking about Twilight again….

No, I almost never recommend Twilight, purely for practical reasons. First of all, my department goes up through 8th grade–Twilight is in our high school section. Also, the whole series is always checked out. Adults frequently ask me if it’s appropriate for middle school/junior high kids. And kids often ask me for read-alikes.

That brings me to the issue of the vampire book explosion! I did go through a short phase of reading vampire/werewolf/undead books–Blood and Chocolate, Repossessed, an Anita Blake book, even Dracula. All good choices. We recently had a Twilight book discussion at my library. I brought along some other vampire books for teens, and they were all surprisingly easy sells. Based on the choices of this small segment of readers, I would not be surprised if the market found a ready audience for all kinds of crappy vampire books. I guess it’s my job to help readers sort through them…

Regarding Bridget’s comment about Bella’s transformation from regular teen to super-vampire-mom, yeah, it bothered me. I have this theory that Stephenie Meyer just didn’t have enough time to edit that book. She put too much of herself into Bella this time and then didn’t have time to edit her character into something different, something that fit with Bella’s previous character development. I’m not really sure how younger/teen readers relate to Bella as a wife and mother. On the other hand, Bella always was domestic, cooking for Charlie and whatnot. So why not turn her into a vampire housewife!

I did ask the kids in my book discussion if they thought Bella was a good role model. They all said no. They agreed that it’s not a good idea to get married and have vampire babies immediately after high school, and that it is a good idea to attend college, perfect vampire boyfriend or not. Still, they were head over heels for Edward. They seemed to like the book for the story and the characters, not the message (well, I see it as a message). HOWEVER, I did hear an unsubstantiated rumor about a teen girl who 1. Found a boyfriend named Edward; 2. Got pregnant; 3. Named the baby Bella Stephenie Renesmee. Who can say if Bella is a good role model???

Reading Breaking Dawn, I thought a lot about Bella as a role model, the target age for the books, and Stephenie Meyer’s possible moral message. I’ll try to talk about that next time, unless Bridget comes up with something better for me to ramble about…



Posted in Twilight at 11:13 am by Bridget

I just finished Impossible by Nancy Werlin and I am completely reversing my position from my last post. ***SPOILERS AHEAD**** (maybe we need to have that posted somewhere on this page because there could be a lot of spoilers around here since we’re talking about books) Impossible has the paranormal elements, teen wife and mother thing going on and the grown up-ed-ness of it didn’t bother me at all. So it’s really just Bella in Book 4 of the Twilight series who seemed too grown up for me. And I can’t blame the actual events that happen since they happened in Impossible and I didn’t react the same way. Maybe it was her voice in that book?


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