Award Madness

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There is much madnosity and excitement in the air around the upcoming ALA Awards. This coming Monday they are going to be announced — woo hoo! If you aren’t up on book award madness, the ALA Awards are some of the big ones for young adults and children’s books. Which is not to say that there are not other fine awards out there like the Cybils, Pen, and the National Book Awards (and much much more!), I wouldn’t want to piss off any of you other lovely judges out there, but the ALA awards are definitely right up there. 

The ALA Book Awards are very Academy Award-esque and there’s even a ceremony six month later with fancy dresses etc. — the speeches are way better too because six month is a good-ish amount of time to come up with something brilliant to say. Better than the five seconds that the Academy Award winners get (though they could come prepared, but then it would look like they were sure they were going to win so I guess we all have to put up with the incoherance and tears). 

The other exciting thing about these awards is that you too can find out about them AS THEY ARE ANNOUNCED! Either go to this website on Monday or sign up to follow ALAyma on twitter.

Just keep your fingers crossed that something absolutely fab wins the Printz Award and the Newbery and maybe we will discuss it right here!


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  1. Ann Piehl said,

    January 26, 2009 at 8:21 pm

    You picked the Newbery winner, Bridget. Good work! And a good book that we can feel good about recommending to kids.

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