Over and Over Again

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I have this huge stack of award winners I hadn’t read yet sitting on my desk — like Jellicoe Road and, I can’t remember, but other fairly serious-ish books that were top notch enough to win awards. 

Not so great for the ill and ick-ish as I was all last week. Stomach Flu. I will spare you details. There’s just something about feeling sick and trying to comprehend serious insightful books. Not so much.

So I re-read books I already knew I liked, but I uncovered a horrible thing — you can read a book TOO many times. These were all books that I knew would suck me away from things, but suddenly I was ACTUALLY SEEING THE WRITING! I try to read to enjoy a story first, writing second. If the story is good enough, any faulty writing will disappear. But there is a limit to how many times you can read the same thing and have this happen.

And last week I reached it. With every book that I picked up. All I could find were heriones “gulping” over and over again and heroes “raising one brow” like there was a John Black convention in town (see Days of Our Lives if this reference escapes you)


Has anyone else suffered from this horrible problem? Not the John Black eye brow thing, though that is a problem, but the re-reading until you start to see the words on the page thing?

Such a sad sad discovery. 

Not as sad as Judy Blume sending you a letter, Janet, and not really wanting to be your friend. I think you’ve got me beat. I’m sure she would want to be your friend if she found our blog!


p.s. We recently had some maintenance on this site and you might need to recopy and paste the RSS feed into your Reader, if that’s how you keep up with us. I noticed that mine didn’t pick up the last two posts, so I’m going to re-input the feed.

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