I’m Back! (sort of)

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You can hear all about the misadventures of my last month on my blog, but to make a long and less than fun story short, I have been out of commission. I’m now sort of in commission and hope to be back to blogging more frequently in May. It’s a dream. It may be out of reach, but we all need to have dreams, right?

I have been listening to oodles of books on tape lately due to the whole going-temporarily-blind-on-top-of-everything-else thing and I have to comment on what a different experience it is listening to a book compared to reading it. I read Suite Scarlett when it first came out and would have said that it’s a funny romance. Listening to it on tape (thanks for sending, Janet!), I’ve discovered that it’s way more of a family drama/eccentric old lady friendship sort of a book. It’s been fascinating delving into the story at the slower-than-I-could-ever-force-myself-to-read pace of the narrator.

Has anyone else experienced this?


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