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First and foremost, I’m happy that Bridget posted. It’s great to see her back here.

Second, I’m stuck on this geography thing. I’m trying to think of kids books about various places that I’ve lived. I hope Bridget can weigh in about Portland sometime. Ramona! I’m still pondering Chicago, Milwaukee, and some other places. Any ideas, anybody out there? 

I recently read a middle-grade book set in Minneapolis, Julia Gillian (And the Art of Knowing) by Alison McGhee. Speaking of Portland, I’ve seen Julia Gillian compared to Ramona–she’s a pretty normal kid from a pretty normal family, not always happy, having random every-day adventures. These adventures take place during a slow summer spent worrying and walking her St. Bernard around my old neighborhood of South Minneapolis. She goes to Bryant Hardware to use the claw machine, Our Kitchen for breakfast, and Quang for Vietnamese food. The neighborhood is a really important part of the story. Julia Gillian learns to confront her fears with the help of her neighbors, the people she meets on her walks, and the simple freedom she has to wander. Julia Gillian is a sweet story. I think it really captures the flavor (even if it is Minnesota Mild, which I happen to appreciate) of being a kid in a fun-walking-area of Minneapolis. 

Check out this blog to see photos of the neighborhood in question.

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  1. Amanda said,

    April 17, 2009 at 7:23 am

    Have you read The Teashop Girls by Laura Shaefer yet? It’s set in Madison!

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