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I recently spoke with my good friend Margaret Triandafyllis. I thought she could shed some light on the recent explosion of kids books related to Greek mythology. When I first met Margaret, way back when we started college, I thought she might be some kind of Greek goddess. She came from Greece, after all, and she is very talented. She is not in fact a goddess; she is a mortal librarian. (Same thing, right?) However, as I learned in a recent interview, she may have been looking to date a Greek god. Here’s what she had to say about Greek mythology, Rick Riordan, and fashion.

TW:  My sources tell me you have climbed Mount Olympus. Did you see any evidence of Greek deities there?
MT: Yes, I have climbed Mount Olympus on several occasions.  Usually I am too focussed on my own pain to be looking around for signs of Greek deities.   I have run across (and sometimes over) goat droppings and have encountered a few donkeys carrying up provisions to the refuges.  And although the refuges are a convenient stop over on the way to the summit of the mountain, they are certainly not providing you with ambrosia at dinner.  I won’t even go into the state of the bathrooms.  Although Hades might be pleased with them. 

TW: As a Greek person, what was your reaction to Rick Riordan’s idea that Mount Olympus has moved to the Empire State Building in NYC?
MT: It is scandalous, to say the least.  As well as the fact that the books state that Mount Olympus  at some point moved to Rome.  Everyone knows that the Romans were just bad copies of the Greeks. 

TW: Do you know ancient Greek? How has it helped you in your work as a librarian?
MT: Well technically speaking, I took ancient Greek for several years in high school.  Let’s just say that my modern Greek is much better.  I can pronounce the names of all the ancient Greek gods and it also helped me do very well on my SAT test. 

TW: What fashion and/or food tips can we glean from the ancient Greeks?
MT: The Mediterranean diet leads to eternal life.  Togas will never go out of fashion.  Have you noticed how popular gladiator sandals are this season? 

TW: Which Greek god or goddess would you want to date?
MT: Ah, good question.  Who’s to say I haven’t already dated a few?  Although Ares appears as a rather unsavory character in Rick Riordan’s books, I always thought he would be an interesting character to date.  Dating the God of war would have to be exciting.


  1. Ann Piehl said,

    May 22, 2009 at 7:24 am

    I’d like to thank Margaret for her valuable insights. Are we sure she’s not a goddess?

  2. AndrewBoldman said,

    June 4, 2009 at 4:42 pm

    Great post! Just wanted to let you know you have a new subscriber- me!

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