Did You Myth Me?

Posted in Mythology at 6:35 pm by Janet

I still have a few more things to say about myths…then I’ll move on and by then it will probably be time for ALA and maybe a Mo Willems or John Green sighting and that will give me something else to blather on about for awhile.

In the course of reading all these myth-influenced teen books, I realized I didn’t know a whole lot about the original myths. So I checked out a version of the Odyssey. It’s still sitting next to my bed, gathering dust and collecting overdue fines. Instead I started reading Eric Shanower’s Age of Bronze graphic novel series about the Trojan War. I read A Thousand Ships, the first of three (so far) in the series. It kicks off the epic, with Paris kidnapping Helen, armies gathering, and various other ancient Greek hijinx. The drawings are incredibly detailed and evocative. The story speeds along with lots of action and just the right amount of dialog.

Thank god the book has a very helpful glossary of names and a genealogical chart. I did find some of the transitions from one thread of the story to the next confusing. Also some of the characters were hard to tell apart (you have to look at their headbands to know the difference). Has anyone else read this? I can’t decide if this was beause I don’t read graphic novels all the time and I wasn’t super familiar with the story, or if it really was a little confusing. I mean, it is a long and convoluted story. Any thoughts? Nevertheless, this series is a great and really cool achievement of graphic storytelling.

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