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I just finished a reading jag with the theme of travel/Bohemian lifestyle/planning/finding yourself. This reading jag was unplanned. I randomly ended up with this selection and somehow they ended up flowing perfectly from one to the next.

First, I read The Indigo Notebook by Laura Resau which I randomly picked off the shelf at Powell’s in my shelf appeal experiment — I usually read reviews and get recommendations and know all sorts of things about books before I read them but I thought it would be fun since I haven’t been keeping up on things to see which books spoke to me on a browse through at the bookstore. It went well. I really loved The Indigo Notebook and it’s inspired me to check out her other books. The story is about Zeeta growing up with this crazy, move-every-few-months-or-so gypsy lifestyle and how she wants “normal.” It’s a gorgeous story set in Ecuador and has spiritual/mystical elements woven into it. So made me want to go live a gypsy lifestyle. Except with more books. IndigoNotebookCover

Then I read Carpe Diem by Autumn Cornwell which was also on my Powell’s shelf appeal experiment list, but on the “take a photo with my phone and order from the library” and not on my “must buy with gift card right this minute” list. I’m not sure what pushed me to buy the one over the other except that I really love the cover of The Indigo Notebook with the open suitcase. Carpe Diem is about Vassar whose whole life is planned down to the minutest detail and who gets siderailed by a plane ticket to spend the summer in Southeast Asia with her artist grandmother. She doesn’t enjoy the little things so much as Zeeta does, in fact, she is quite miserable but she eventually gets to her revelation about how she lives life and I enjoyed the ride.

Finally, I picked up Greensleeves by Eloise Jarvis McGraw which someone I know recommended on facebook or their blog sometime in the foggy past and which I’d ordered from the library as it is too freaking expensive to buy being out of print and all, but which sat on my shelf for a while and I just happened to pick up when I laid Carpe Diem to rest. And the theme continued! Only in a 1960’s sort of way. Shannon had been living the moving-from-place-to-place-all-over-Europe sort of lifestyle, was fed up with it, tried sticking to small town Oregon for her senior year of high school, was miserable, and wants to figure out what she wants out life. She needs to find the shape of her inner girl. So she goes undercover to do some detective work for her lawyer uncle over this bizarre will and tries on a new gum-snapping American personality. It’s such a great book and is so Portland. Somehow it makes you both want to live here and go gallivanting around Europe.

What a fabulous run of books! *sigh* Must go live gypsy lifestyle now.


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  1. Janet said,

    March 19, 2010 at 3:04 pm

    Yesterday we got a book that might fit into your reading jag…Northward to the Moon by Polly Horvath. I believe it’s the sequel to My 100 Adventures. I haven’t read it but it looks to be about a family’s adventures after the stepfather gets fired from his French teaching job for not speaking French.

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