Breaking News! ALSC Awards

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The ALSC awards were announced in January. I know you have all been waiting impatiently to find out what the Tarts think of them! Well, today is your lucky day. You can stop holding your breath now. Really, don’t turn blue over this. Come on, breathe.

Moon Over Manifest
Lots of ink has been spilled over the Newbery winner, so I won’t add much. This historical novel flashes back and forth between the Depression and World War I. Abilene’s father sends her to live in Manifest, Kansas, for the summer. She discovers a lot about the town’s past, but what she really wants to know about is her father. Lots of appealing characters with cleverly intertwining threads between them. Did you notice it’s about an only child? (Oh no no no, I didn’t forget about my only-child rant.)

Ship Breaker

Yeah, the Printz winner was all right. I liked it, I didn’t love it. I think the premise–post-apocalyptic, post-mega-hurricane Gulf Coast and New Orleans–was more intriguing than the actual story. What happens after New Orleans, its successor city, and the Gulf Coast are destroyed by hurricanes? All hell breaks loose for the workers who are left clean up the mess of the giant corporations who helped wreck the environment. It seemed like the action took nearly half the book to rise. Are teens still paying attention at this point? Not sure. Again, the story of an only child. Best thing about this book? The author’s name, Paolo Bacigalupi, is really fun to say.

Almost Perfect
The Stonewall (GLBT award) winner was so refreshing to read. I can’t remember the last realistic fiction book I read. After reading (yet another) dystopia and a historical fiction book, it was such a relief to read a book about a kid (not a vampire!) living in modern, normal times. Oh yeah, and it was thought-provoking, too. Logan falls for the new girl…until he finds out that the new girl is actually a boy. Sage turns out to be transgender, fighting to transition from male to female. Logan struggles with his feelings for Sage and his feelings for himself about having feelings for Sage. Their relationship goes to extreme highs and lows as they wrestle with some big questions. How important is the gender of the person you love? How do you define someone’s true gender? And how do you reconcile those things with being a teenager in a small town? Lots to think about here and a good story to boot. (It was also nice that both Logan and Sage had siblings.)

What did YOU think?


  1. Amanda said,

    April 13, 2011 at 11:10 am

    I’m reading Moon Over Manifest right now, and it’s not my fave. It’s certainly no Graveyard Book!

  2. Ann said,

    April 14, 2011 at 1:02 pm

    I liked M over M, but I am old and remember times closer to those in the book. I admired the several threads of the story and the way they were woven together. I wonder how much kid appeal the book has. I’m not obsessed about only children like some people seem to be, so that did not strike me as notable. ;)

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