The Morning After

Posted in Twilight at 2:45 pm by Bridget

I saw Twilight last night and I don’t know what to think. There were times during the movie that I was thinking this was the best movie ever (in a teen romance kind of way) and times I was pretty sure it was the worst. It was so over the top!

No costumes in the audience, but seeing it with a theatre full of teen girls was definitely worth going opening weekend. They were so great — clapping and shrieking when the name Twilight came up, gasping when each familiar character came on screen — huge reaction to Jacob, Carlyle and, of course, Edward, and lots of general swooning over the romance. 

Even though it was sometimes awful or maybe because of that, I could see this being a sleepover party movie for a long long long time to come. 


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  1. Georgia Beaverson said,

    December 5, 2008 at 10:51 pm

    All in all, I thought it was okay. I enjoyed it in a teen-romance-y way (always fun, especially if your teen years are way distant). My biggest complaint was with the romance, though: not enough smoochies! Surely there were more in the book. And personally, I’d go for Jacob every time. I was sad to read recently that they’re planning on replacing the current actor with another, bigger guy. Hollywood. Whatcha gonna do?

    I’m taking my nieces tomorrow so they can participate in the swoon-fest.


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