Twilight on the Silver Screen

Posted in Twilight at 11:19 am by Janet

Twilight was so dreamy! I have a crush on Robert Pattinson now. And his gorgeous hair. Sigh.

Beyond my ridiculous crush, I thought the movie was visually impressive. And, yes, it was cheesy. My Twilight-watching companion, who has not read the book, thought Kristen Stewart performed well. He was intrigued by the Cullen family and wanted to know more about their back stories and motivations.

By Sunday night it seemed like the hysteria had died down a bit. The theater wasn’t too crowded. No one was dressed up, but I did see a girl wearing a Twilight t-shirt. There was a bit of giggling in the audience at key parts.

I just read that a sequel is in the works. Oooh! But how are they going to make Eclipse? Nothing happens in that book.

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  1. Michele Thornton said,

    November 28, 2008 at 11:35 am

    We indulged in a little Twilight fluff this weekend also. Well, all I can say is they stuck to the book, cheesy dialogue included. It seemed interminably long to me, and Bella/Edwards longing gazes had all the steamy sex appeal of someone waiting for a colonoscopy, but maybe it’s just me. Because the teen girls sure seemed to like it.

    And the so-called special effects? heh.

    I didn’t love the book, but did think it was effective page turner…still, I think they could’ve done better with the movie. Made millions though, so obviously I’m wrong!

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